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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 5 kilometres of the centre of Jersey.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

Cross-hatching, zig-zags, belisha beacons, central railings. Question marks here over who has priority in various situations?

Gain Lane, Thornbury

Gain Lane, Thornbury

Leeds Road, Thornbury

CS1, Town Street Stanningley, Leeds Bridge sculpture, see #196670.

Armley Road, Leeds CS1

Friarage Street, Northallerton

A635 Holmfirth Road, New Mill

Francis Crick Avenue A parallel crossing where cyclists can ride parallel to pedestrians.

A shared footway along Barrangary Road in Dargavel, at the Sainsbury's supermarket. A raised kerb appears to have been installed for a bus stop, but the buses would stop in the zig-zag zone of the adjacent zebra crossing.

I'm not sure this counts towards pedestrian priority.

Chesterton Road, Cambridge

Whitehouse Street, Bedminster

Whitehouse Street, Bedminster

Whitehouse Lane, Bedminster

Shared use through the motor vehicle storage area of Hengrove Leisure Park.

Zebra crossing of Christopher Brain street.

The view from the cycle lane in Clyde Street. The left turn is unsignalled, with zebra crossings for pedestrians, while the straight across movement is signalled separately from motor traffic coming from Clyde Street. Perhaps a cycle slip … [more]

The South City Way cycleway finally complete past the Sheriff Court. However, the contraflow bus lane signs along this section are now out of date and need replaced.

Bedford Lane has been closed to motor vehicles, so the cycleway runs uninterrupted past the junction.

A connection from the South City Way cycleway over to the site to the east, replacing the lane seen in #93385.

Bernard Street zebra crossing at the junction.

South City Way open along Gorbals Street. Works at Norfolk Court have closed it there.

[Image taken 29.4.23] Asda overflow carpark (looking towards Asda/town, the rail and bus stations...), Harrogate. Retarmaced, repainted. I would hope the more visible 'zebra' route through the car park would mean it was safer for … [more]

[Image taken 29.4.23] Dragon Road Carpark (Asda overflow carpark), Harrogate. The Dragon Cycleway and the signs for the Nidderdale Greenway are behind the camera position. This is looking towards Asda (visible in the distance) and therefore … [more]

[Image taken 29.4.23] Dragon Road Carpark (Asda overflow carpark), Harrogate. The car park has been resurfaced. The markings have been repainted. Critically the 'zebra' path through the car park for people on cycles, pedestrians buggy … [more]

Oxford Road, Manchester

One of a number of parallel zebra crossings on the revised road network next to Glasgow Airport. There are continuous shared footways on both sides of the road from here to the Inchinnan Road junction, through the new business park.

It looks like @StockportMBC PARC strategy (pedestrian area reallocated to car) is going ahead. I'm not convinced reallocating what little pedestrian space there is to cars is the best strategy. But the council seem convinced it's the best … [more]

This new zebra crossing has been out of use for over a month now - it looks as if they forgot the tactile paving on this side (the far side is ok).

View from the (not quite open yet) cycle path this morning. Queen's Park to Glasgow city centre route almost complete from the looks of things. Markings & street trees being added now all the way up to the river. #SouthCityWay … [more]

St John Street, Newport Pagnell

It’s Friday afternoon, so who wouldn’t want a bit of informal side street zebra action from Cardiff (Llandaff North & Whitchurch)? Three locations, four crossings.

Zebra crossing just off the exit from Redcliffe Way roundabout.

Zebra crossing

Zebra crossing at a junction: quite rare. Bristol

The St Andrews Drive cycleway is now rideable.

Cardiff Council are trialling simple zebra crossings in a number of locations in Llandaff North and Whitchurch. This one has just been put in on the corner of Bishop's Rd and Merthyr Rd. Drivists on the local Facebooks are livid. … [more]

A regular location for bikes parked to the fence, on Bunhouse Road outside the Kelvin Hall.

Cycles only beyond this point? The one on the nearside of the crossing should not be there, and signs to diagram 955 should have the bicycle symbol with the front wheel to the left. Just after I took the photo, a delivery van driver used … [more]

[Image taken 17.7.22] Asda, Jockey Lane, Monks Cross, Huntington/York. The final (first) section of the route - for cycles too? - through Asda car park . All images here today: #184983.

A parallel cycle zebra crossing across Strathfillan Road, on the West Mains Road cycleway, that does not involve deviation from the alignment of the cycleway (as happens at some other junctions). The proper cycleway ends just after where … [more]

The West Mains Road cycleway at a parallel cycle zebra crossing, but 'ahead only' signs ban its use for cycles from this direction. Maybe it is only to be used for crossing from the other side of the road.

The West Mains Road cycleway at the Kirktonholme Road junction. The crossing is out of alignment from the main cycleway, and 'ahead only' signs displayed on bollards ban cycle left turns into Kirktonholme Road. Why?

The West Mains Road cycleway approaching the Kirktonholme Road junction where the crossing is not in line with the main cycleway.

A parallel zebra crossing, and start of the West Mains Road cycleway. The bollard on the right is directing cyclists up a flight of steps!

A parallel zebra crossing, and start of the West Mains Road cycleway.

Having protected cyclists along Cornwall Street, the cycle lane ends by spitting them out onto the Centre Roundabout. This may be temporary.

There is a branching cycle route along Brouster Hill as well as the continuing route along Cornwall Street. Corduroy tactile paving has been used instead of the correct cycleway type.

The Cornwall Street cycle lane deviates at both side road crossings.

The North Woodside Road scheme included shortening the length of the road available for driving by extending the cycleway. A zebra crossing has been provided for pedestrians accessing the steps to the supermarket.

A zebra crossing on the Bunhouse Road cycleway. This one has tactile paving for pedestrians on one side only.

Zebra crossing of Pembridge Road leading to Portobello Road, Notting Hill.

Needham Market

North Parade, Grantham

Longcliffe Road, Grantham

Footway by Belton Lane, Grantham

A useful tunnel under the railway at Grantham.

Wonky sign for the Trans Pennine Trail, Southgate, Hessle

George Street, cycle parking for the Live Comedy.

The Benalder Street cycleway crosses Old Dumbarton Road without priority.

Unlike the approach taking at the previous junction, the crossings of the Old Dumbarton Road cycleway at the Ferry Road junction do not involve tactile paving on the cycleway and instead only have crossing tactiles at the pedestrian sides. … [more]

Priority has returned to the Bunhouse Road cycleway at the car park entrance, but has been indicated by a random use of miniature Give Way markings as the only indication of this.

Zebra crossings across both the carriageway and cycleway on Bunhouse Road. It is unclear whether pedestrians are allowed or barred from the former shared use footway.

Zebra crossings across both the carriageway and cycleway in Bunhouse Road.

Zebra crossing leading to a primary school (Grundschule Babenend) on the 30km/h (20mph) road Babenend.

A zebra 🦓 crossing on a side road, Anderson Street off the King’s Road, London.

The new cycle track connecting the Tradeston Bridge to West Street. The route to the right is only for going to Paisley Road now, since the diagonal crossing at the Kingston Street junction has been removed and mandatory turn signs point to … [more]

No further progress on reinstating the road markings at the newly rebuilt Old Dumbarton Road/Ferry Road/Benalder Street junction. All of the pedestrians visible are walking on the cycle track and not the narrow footway.

Nice new raised parallel crossing in Bowthorpe where Boatman Way cycle path crosses Clover Hill Road. However, the warning signs from one direction include the Zebra crossing and Cycle route ahead signs whereas the other direction only has … [more]

Shared use on Europa Way, Ipswich.

Still no raised crossing or dropped kerb to join the Benalder Street cycle track, which otherwise appears nearly complete, apart from the lamppost. UPDATE: These issues have now been resolved, see #175144.

The shared footway in Bunhouse Road has been covered in beige surfacing, except for a gap just beyond the crossing. The main pedestrian egress from the car park comes up the ramp on the left.

The Sauchiehall Street cycleway is still closed for a short distance near Dalhousie Street. See also #172679.

The shared footway on Bunhouse Road has been rebuilt, but has not had its dividing line reinstated. The zebra crossing has a random section of tactile paving nearby with no obvious purpose.

The pop-up two-way cycle lane on Royston Road approaching the Broomfield Road junction. Note that the cycle traffic signals are green at the same time as traffic is exiting Broomfield Road. The cycle lights were green during both general … [more]

More debris collecting around the bus stop boarder, but correct cycleway tactiles, on Royston Road.

The build up of mud around the bus boarder after flooding, such as seen in #169649.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, at a bus stop boarder. Again, mud has accumulated at the bottom of the ramp, due to water running down the hill.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, with a bus stop boarder. Again, the ramps are sharp and slowing down is good advice. The tactiles are of the correct type.

The Garscube Road cycle track is now open for business!

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway is on this side of the road, but the footway across the road now has a dividing line along it. Unlike #170674, the crossing is shared for both walking and cycling, and features a right-angle … [more]

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway is on this side of the road, but the footway across the road now has a dividing line along it. Separate cycle and pedestrian crossings have been provided.

[Image taken 20.6.21] Terry Avenue, York. The zebra in: #168497 has been removed. Other images this subject search on 'TerryAvenueLiveDiversion'. Terry Ave closing overview: #164095

One day I'll come along here and it will be open. There's a continuous cycle track around the corner into Possil Road which continues as far as Baird's Brae. A short connection has been built in St George's Road, which will later be … [more]

The Garscube Road cycleway still unopened at Possil Road. See update at #171177.

A flood prevention scheme has been implemented at Greenbank Park, and thus the entrances to the park have steps and ramps over the embankments that would contain any flooding. This is on the cycle route between Newlands and the Silverburn … [more]

A humped zebra crossing in Shawbridge Street, this time with Belisha beacons, and also Cyclists Dismount signs.

A humped zebra crossing on Shawbridge Street, without Belisha beacons.

A parallel cycle zebra crossing across Kennishead Road, for the shared-use cycle route along Barrhead Road.

The protected cycle lane scheme took no account of the bus terminus, so buses wait time in the cycle lane before turning at the roundabout to pick up their next service.

Class Parking Glasgow 🥰

Newer image: #170500 [Image taken 5.5.21] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge/Butcher Terrace end). This zebra appeared at lunchtime. Passing spaces were being installed too. Their purpose and presence of the vehicles creating them further … [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, York. This (the third, from Tesco) zebra has clear markings. There's no lack of space to make these zebras into the shared (ped-cycle) designs ('parallel crossing'). For more images taken here today … [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, York. This is the third (from the Tesco end) of the three zebras at this end of/avoiding the Tesco roundabout. But there's a visible incline. People of all ages, levels of physical fitness, on foot, … [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, York. This is the second of the three zebras north of the Tesco roundabout between Tesco and Clifton Moor Gate. The markings on this one are worn. Note also the gradient. The land at either end is … [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate, York. This crossing is around 50m from the one at the junction with Stirling Road (see: #167859). Both avoid using the roundabout on Clifton Moor Gate. The tarmac around this Tesco was relaid in … [more]

New zebra crossing over C38 cycle route

The 'cycleway' tactiles on the Sauchiehall Street cycle track are installed so the bars go across the cycle track instead of along it.

[Image taken 5.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, Monks Cross, Huntington/York. How was it intended that cyclists using the substantially segregated, red-tarmaced cycle route bridge the gap here? There's space for a parallel crossing on this … [more]

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