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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 5 kilometres of the centre of Jersey.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

Signs for cycle route LCN in Barrhead. Unclear whether the route uses the main road here (that the route has been avoiding along the rest of its length) or the footway.

Signage coming into Pollok Country Park.

Poorly surfaced path from Woodhead Road to Whitriggs Road.

Looking the opposite way from #194236, this shows the narrow ramp behind the wall to get around the steps to the right.

The start of the path from Shawbridge Street to Pollokshaws Road, for Pollok Country Park. But the sign says Auldhouse Park, which is the other way. This path is a short but steep ramp, to get around the steps beyond. See also #194237.

The South City Way cycleway finally complete past the Sheriff Court. However, the contraflow bus lane signs along this section are now out of date and need replaced.

The pedestrian and cycle route to the Burrell Collection branches off from the car route here, but for cycling from the carriageway involves crossing the verge.

Trafford Sale . Correct use of a road sign (Narrow Lanes Do not overtake Cyclists ) . In May 2022 the incorrect sign was used here #182792 , glad to see the correct signage in March 2023 See #101860 reported to Trafford 24/5/22 ref … [more]

Not so easy to cycle up the steps.

The path from Abbotsinch Road to Inchinnan Road at the bascule bridge. The cycleway effectively ends at the bridge and it's onto the road for Renfrew and Glasgow, although a riverside path route starts on the other side of the river that … [more]

Shared footway leading to new bridge across the Black Cart Water.

Salford Chapel Street - cyclists are allowed contraflow across the Blackfriars Bridge so this no left turn sign should be except cycles !

The start of the unsigned diversion route for the canal towpath closure still has signs up for the Stockingfield diversion.

NCN756 closed in North Claremont Street, with a partly obscured sign saying to dismount and use footway. But there is no footway on this side of the road, and the road itself is one-way the opposite way. The 'diversion' sign lying on the … [more]

Was I imagining that this road got resurfaced last year? The sign for the junction ahead should show a crossroads, not just a junction on one side.

"Cycle only in marked lanes" Howard Park in Kilmarnock Location: , Kilmarnock (Scotland, UK)

According to the sign, cyclists are to give way to pedestrians on the steps and narrow, steeply graded path down to the Kelvin Walkway.

The parking control traffic order for North Kelvinside has been fully implemented, including the one-way streets, and yet this Fire Path, which was proposed for opening up to cycling, remains closed to cycling. Just as the Queen Margaret … [more]

The parking control traffic order for North Kelvinside has been fully implemented, including the one-way streets, and yet this Fire Path, which was proposed for opening up to cycling, remains closed to cycling. Just as the Queen Margaret … [more]

The correct sign, No Through Road except cycles, but partially obscured by stickers.

Cycles only beyond this point? The one on the nearside of the crossing should not be there, and signs to diagram 955 should have the bicycle symbol with the front wheel to the left. Just after I took the photo, a delivery van driver used … [more]

An almost unreadable pair of route signs.

A non-standard route sign, pointing in somewhat ambiguous directions, at the junction of Tower Road and Glenorchard Road.

Stepped access from the Stockingfield Bridge down to the canalside path towards Gilshochill. See also #186428.

The main arc of the new Stockingfield Junction bridge appears to be unofficially open.

The main arc of the new Stockingfield Junction bridge appears to be unofficially open.

No surface improvement to the canal towpath at Firhill Road. The improvement stops at the Ruchill Street bridge.

Technically it is pointing the right way, but surprising to see a sign for the Wiltshire Cycleway in Glasgow!

[Image taken 26.8.22] York. The racks are too close to the wall. I had full panniers. I could not get my cycle far enough in to securely and reliably lean it against the racks. (The luggage was too heavy to take off and carry inside. But it … [more]

[Image taken 26.8.22] Yorvik Gillygate Practice, [] Woolpack House, St Saviour's Place, York. The racks are too close together. Other images of a problem with this parking today: #185796. Other images … [more]

The nearest dropped kerb to the start of the West Highland Way path is not convenient if coming from Ellangowan Road, and is located at the narrowest point in the footway. A second dropped kerb would be desirable further along nearer the … [more]

The end of the West Highland Way path at Ellangowan Road. There is no dropped kerb to conveniently join the road to the left, only one off to the right to cross to the car park.

The West Highland Way at steps to Milngavie community centre and library. The path is a bit muddy here.

A turn marked for the West Highland Way, but the path straight ahead also leads in that direction.

A multiway junction on the West Highland Way in Milngavie.

A path to North Dumgoyne Avenue to the left, and Cloberfield Gardens to the right. The latter has a 'No Cycling' sign part of the way along the path. No dropped kerb for either.

'No Cycling' on path towards a bridge over the Allander Water. No dropped kerb either. The bridge can also be accessed from the adjacent car park.

'No Cycling' on signed path from Mugdock Country Park, and no dropped kerb at Stable Road crossing.

'No Cycling' on signed path to Mugdock Country Path.

Cryptic sign on Craigdhu Wedge path.

Missing bollards where Garriochmill Road becomes the Kelvin Walkway, with graffiti obscuring the sign. Yet other sections of the Kelvin Walkway have multiple barriers in the name of attempting to prevent access for motorbikes.

Official opening at Burn Airfield. Improvements to the path and some benches plus information boards and posts surround the airfield.

[Image taken 31.7.22] Marker 1 on the York Orbital ( Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (right), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] … [more]

[UPDATE 15.9.22: The route is now open again see: #186191 and links.] [UPDATE 2.8.22. The 'closed' signs have been removed.] [Image taken 31.7.22] Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (right), York. [NOTE: No street … [more]

Still no reinstatement of bollards at any of the three locations that once had them at some stage previously. However, the sign advising of no vehicular access has been cleaned. (There is of course actually vehicular access for cycles.)

[UPDATE: Signs still in situ 31.7.22 see: #185184] [Image taken 23.7.22] NCN65, near the Millennium Bridge (right) and Butcher Terrace (left), York. [NOTE: No street view here] In contrast to my gripe here: #184930 the two signs in this … [more]

Hmm, which way to go?

[Image taken 18.7.22] Alder Way, New Earswick. I’m holding out for a positive sign on this post showing the way and the short distance to the Folk Hall (with Post Office, Library and a cafe). Context: #166664. But today I saw this negative … [more]

Damage to a sign post and a wrecked cycle stand, while the Fire Path markings on the traffic island are almost unreadable.

[Image taken 9.7.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. Location of the new sign (and the excellent cycle parking). Other image here today and links: #184365.

[Image taken 9.7.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. A sign has been added: Cycle shelter only. It's an attractive sign. Alas it is outside of the cycle parking so for some people this is not sufficiently clear/or a nudge to return their … [more]

A bike locked to a squint signpost in Great Western Road.

Milngavie left, City Centre right. Good luck spotting this route sign!

[Image taken 17.6.22] Coppergate (from Pavement/Piccadilly end) York. Context: #180531. New signage alert to all road users there is a contraflow cycle lane. But will anyone see the sign on the right: it's so far away from the entrance. … [more]

A Sighthill diversion sign that is still on display.

Cycle parking in Gibson Street, on the Colleges Cycle Route. The road lacks any cycle facilities, other than parkings stands. The delivery van is parked on the zig-zags of a pedestrian crossing. The sign to the right of the picture is … [more]

I'm all for reducing pole clutter, but really signs should be above head height.

[Image taken 24.5.22] Jorvik Gillygate Practice, [] Woolpack House, St Saviour's Place, York. Context, other image here today, and links: #182796.

[Image taken 24.5.22] Jorvik Gillygate Practice, [] Woolpack House, St Saviour's Place, York. I'm interested in the possible instances of unauthorised use of these racks. Other images this location: … [more]

Trafford Sale . Incorrect use of a road sign (Cyclists dismount and use pavement ) This sign only to be used on streets where motor vehicles are also not allowed. The correct sign would be to warn drivers of cyclists in the lane and to not … [more]

The sign reads "No vehicular access to Argyle Street" but is covered in graffiti. A sign at Argyle Street suggests this is part of the West City Way council cycle route. A case where 'No Motor Vehicles' should be used, and the bollards … [more]

An Advance Stop Line without its cycle symbol, on Byres Road. The motor-based tourism signage has not been altered since Kelvin Way has been shut to motor traffic.

[Image taken 26.4.22] Haxby Road, York. Helpful cycle direction signage. But each sign should also include the distance (compare with: #182456). That enables people (including pedestrians and wheelchair users) to decide if they can manage … [more]

The Drumchapel Way meets the new Garscadden Burn flood prevention construction work, at the foot of the ramped steps from Belsyde Avenue.

"Footpath Closed" - the footway wasn't closed, it was the cycleway.

[Image taken 13.3.22] Tanner's Moat, York. The painted information on the tarmac has been completely worn away. Where is the area intended exclusively for motor cycles? No just in front of the metal bar for securing a vehicle - see the … [more]

[Image taken 13.3.22] Tanner's Moat, York. I hadn't spotted this Pedal cycles not permitted in motor cycle parking area before. Likely because there's nowhere to secure a cycle (including a cargo cycle) actually at the point this pole is … [more]

The sign for the White Cart Footbridge is branded as being part of NCN7, which it is not.

Signs at Woodhead Pass

Trans Pennine Trail at Silkstone (England, UK)

Trans Pennine Trail information sign.

Play street sign at the corner of Röwekamp and Jakobistraße, Nikolaiviertel, Oldenburg.

Junction between various routes.

A temporary closure of NCN75 Clyde Walkway starts tomorrow, for 7 months, as far as the Smart Bridge. Yet again, the steep ramp at the Rutherglen Bridge access point here (see #98398 and #71262), will be showing how useful replacing it … [more]

A route sign directing cyclists to the City Centre and Colleges Cycle Route, pointing up South Woodside Road towards North Kelvinside.

How is anyone meant to read this sign on the approach to the junction?

The route sign says "Primary School" but the dropped kerb at the junction is of poor quality, with no obvious dropped kerb on the other side of the road closure in Dowanhill Street. The Colleges Route cycle lane has been made narrower and … [more]

[Image taken 25.11.21] Clifton Ings, York. [NOTE: Location approximate and no streetview along the route.] Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme contact details. More specific finish date than: #176152. The signs are paired along the route. … [more]

[Image taken 25.11.21] Clifton Ings, York. [NOTE: Location approximate and no streetview along the route.] Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme details. Very clear. And several of these signs along the route (NCN65). Work started as soon … [more]

The route sign at Kelvingrove Art Gallery has been reinstated after COP26. Interestingly, the walking and cycling directions to some destinations are different. The Kelvin Hall is referred to as Kelvinhall. The shortest route to the … [more]

The Benalder Street/Argyle Street crossing still awaits commissioning, and signage for former car parking spaces awaits removal. New works have started on the Snow Bridge across the junction, making access trickier.

A randomly pointing cycle route sign, no road markings, and a car parked on a marked tactile crossing.

Confusing signage for the COP26 diversion that has now ended.

The sign seen in #95295 to warn (or inform since it wasn't a warning sign) of the cycle track crossing has gone missing. Also, the tactile paving for the pedestrian crossing has several tyre tracks across it.

[Image taken 17.11.21] Taco Bell, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York. Locations of the 'keep crossing clear' notices: #175974. Other images here today: #175972 and links. Other images today: #175971 and links.

[Update see: #179836] [Image taken 17.11.21] Taco Bell, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York. Keep pedestrian crossing clear notice. Location: #175975. Context: #175972 and links.

The new Bowline railway path, with steps and a ramp up from the canalside.

[Image taken 13.11.21] Monks Cross retail park, Monks Cross Drive, Monks Cross, Huntington, York. [NOTE: streetview shows the previous site layout.] No mention of cyclists. The off-road tarmac on the right is not shared use at this point. … [more]

A direction sign for the Forth & Clyde Canal in Bowling, with a pointed end even though it is on the approach to the actual junction. The pedestrian crossing used to be part of NCN7, until the cycle route was rerouted via the Bowline path.

The new Bowline path diverges from the Loch Lomond cycle path, with the original route into the park still available. NCN7 is now signed over the new route.

Route sign for ncn67.

The start of the Bowline viaduct. Steps and a ramp connect the path to the canal towpath off to the right.

The route sign at the Bowline junction, east of Bowling. NCN7 is now signed via the new Bowline route, while NCN754 continues along the canal towpath. In the Clydebank direction, NCN7 is incorrectly shown in brackets.

A choice of routes approaching Bowling.

Advanced warning for NCN668 left turn. The obvious is to continue on Meanwood Road but the NCN route continues through a park. Sheepscar, Leeds (England, United Kingdom)

Entrance to The Devil's Toenail bike track featuring tracks with 3 grades of difficulty.

COP26 diversion signs on Old Dumbarton Road. The one on the tree is indicating separate diversion routes for walking and cycling, due to the direct route along Argyle Street being quite a busy main road.

A sign advising of the diversions for NCN routes 7, 75 and 756, facing people heading away from the diversions.

So is the diversion for NCN7 straight ahead, or left?

Fallen signs on the path, and temporary signs that aren't too helpful (see #175562).

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