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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 5 kilometres of the centre of Jersey.
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The shared footway alongside the A8 approaches the bridges across the Black Cart, and cyclists are directed to cross at the toucan crossing to use the new cycle bridge. A green strip has been provided on the road, with a cycle symbol, but … [more]

The A8 shared footway crosses the A726 at the Red Smiddy Roundabout. Nothing more than a dropped kerb crossing has been provided. No footways, shared or otherwise, are provided along this section of the A726.

A cycle slip for leaving the carriageway and joining the shared footway. An excellent example of how to provide for this manoeuver, but somewhat redundant in this case when there has been a shared footway along the other side of the road … [more]

This section of the A8 between Bishopton and Renfrew has shared footways on both sides, around and between the various roundabouts associated with Dargavel, which, if nothing else, means a choice of crossing locations if traffic happens to … [more]

The shared footway along Barrangary Road continues, and a cycle lane starts on the road. A dropped kerb is provided to transfer between the two. A 30mph reminder sign has been provided on a lamppost, immediately beyond the 30mph … [more]

The dropped kerb allows cycle access onto the White Cart path, but for crossing going to Pollok Country Park, it is either go diagonally to the central reservation gap, or ride along the footway to the signalled crossing halfway to the next … [more]

The White Cart path at Pollokshaws Road. Although there is a dropped kerb at this side, there is no such convenience provided on the central reservation. See also #194884.

The dropped kerb crossing of Kennishead Road, at the end of the Brock Burn path.

The Brock Burn path reaches Kennishead Road, and a sign post points the way to the Darnley motorway path. There's a dropped kerb crossing here, and no dropped kerb at the start of the next path, so is that footway legal to cycle on? There's … [more]

The Levern Walkway at Carlibar Road, at park entrance, and the nearest dropped kerb for cycling from the road.

High Street, Milton at junction with Fen Road

Right turn or not? An unusual arrangement of the central reservation having a dropped kerb across the junction, rather than a gap, but nothing to say the turn is prohibited. A right turn for cycles at this junction would be advantageous for … [more]

[NOTE: Compare with a week later: #194141.] [Image taken 14.5.23] Malton Road, Huntington / York. Pedestrians and cyclists use other footway sign. Except it’s not a footway. It’s a formal cycling and walking route. It’s even segregated. … [more]

The cones blocking the end have now gone, making it much easier to merge into the road

Discriminatory blocking of the route to the Arkleston bridge across the M8 motorway, with tyres being placed over the bollards, narrowing the gaps between them considerably.

The path from Port Dundas Basin approaching Pinkston Road. The only dropped kerbs are at the crossing at the pedestrian refuge.

The start of the unsigned diversion route for the canal towpath closure still has signs up for the Stockingfield diversion.

Shared use cycleway near the A10.

Shared use cycleway near the A10.

[Image taken 7.2.23] Royale Spice, Horner Street, junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. View of the upstand from this side. There's not much (not enough?) room for a mobility scooter, wheelchair or someone with a buggy to cross and turn … [more]

Start of shared-use footway (with barriers around the corner)

The new protected cycle lane comes to an abrupt end before the roundabout and cyclists who don't want to use the circuitous and unpleasant underpass have to wait for a gap in the motor traffic and pull out to the right - why can they not go … [more]

Van and car parking on the (presumably shared use) footway connecting the Craighall Road toucan crossing to the Forth & Clyde Canal at Speirs Wharf. The car is also blocking a dropped kerb (the dropped kerb can be seen better in #188011).

No cycle priority along Pinkston Road at minor side road crossing.

Cattlemarket Road under Bristol Temple Meads railway station. Clean air zone ends.

[Image taken 27.11.22] Filey Terrace, junction with Hudson Street, (looking northbound), York. Scaffolding on no 2. Drop kerb – in the afternoon/evening this corner with its dropped kerb is often parked on. No sight lines. No dropped kerb. … [more]

Dropped kerbs have now been installed to assist with cycling around the gate at Speir's Wharf, addressing the issue in #170157.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Damage to the dropped kerb and a considerable camber. As a pedestrian feel I am tipped towards the fast traffic on this busy narrow road. For some people it must be a considerable obstacle … [more]

A van parked over the dropped kerb that allows cycle access to Balvicar Street and Queen's Park.

The nearest dropped kerb to the start of the West Highland Way path is not convenient if coming from Ellangowan Road, and is located at the narrowest point in the footway. A second dropped kerb would be desirable further along nearer the … [more]

Parking across a cycle track traffic filter. This area is a Controlled Parking Zone "park in marked bays only".

Crossing Booth Street, Stockport

The road end cycle track completely blocked by parked cars in Claremont Street.

The path to the A8/M8 footbridge at Viewfield Road.

A newly installed dropped kerb at the east end of Henderson Street, but the corresponding dropped kerb in Napiershall Street has an occupied marked parking bay across it.

Cycle hangar in Henderson Street, and newly installed dropped kerbs for pedestrians crossing.

In an almost empty street (see #183811), one of the few vehicles parked is blocking the dropped kerb for Garriochmill Way. A build-out is required, as well as removing the parking bay markings.

In an almost empty street, one of the few vehicles parked is blocking the dropped kerb for Garriochmill Way. A build-out is required, as well as removing the parking bay markings. See also #183812.

Park Drive stopped up to motor traffic at Woodlands Road, but cycle access maintained.

Another view of the 'Give Way' line in #182981. Note the pedestrian using the diagonal cycle crossing.

A cluttered approach to this 'Give Way' line. See also #182982.

Placemaking (I think) at Ferry Road. Benches have been installed next to the bin, but still no restoration of direction signage (such as in #37216) for the cycle routes.

Filtered permeability for pedestrians only, with barriers and a lack of a conveniently sited dropped kerb on the other side impeding cycling. Not a major desire line, but I came this way due to roadworks on the main road.

[UPDATE: The works finished early May. All signs have been removed.] [Image taken 23.4.22] Haughton Road (northern end), York. The drop kerbs look very new. (They are not visible on streetview July 2019.) Ditto this one: #181978. The one on … [more]

[Image taken 23.4.22] Kathryn Avenue, car park, York Community Stadium Leisure Complex, Huntington, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] This vehicle advertising the local radio station YO1 ( was … [more]

An off-side cycle lane on Hopehill Road. I'm not sure what this is for.

[Image taken 3.4.22] Woodfield Road close to the junction with Poplar Way, Harrogate. Context: #173018. This drop kerb was installed in September 2021. It had taken from 2018 or possibly before. I met a ward councillor and exchanged many … [more]

The start of the Ferry Road cycleway, leading to the Old Dumbarton Road and Benalder Street cycleways. The sharrows point cyclists along the main carriageway and not onto the cycleway.

[Image taken 29.1.22] Marygate car park, York. [NOTE: No streetview this location.] Context: #178364 and links.

[Image taken 29.1.22] Marygate car park, Frederic Street, York. Context: #178364 and links.

[Image taken 29.1.22] Marygate car park, Frederic Street, York. [NOTE: streetview does not yet show the existence of this ticket booth.] Context: #178363. The restricted width drop kerb leads into the ticket booth. This can be busy so it … [more]

It made sense to someone… somewhere…

[Image taken 29.11.21] Burton Stone Lane close to the junction with Field View, York. The very narrow pavements in the other direction along Burton Stone Lane passing Mrs Greedy’s cafe (see: #176445, #176417), the solid lines of parked … [more]

The route sign says "Primary School" but the dropped kerb at the junction is of poor quality, with no obvious dropped kerb on the other side of the road closure in Dowanhill Street. The Colleges Route cycle lane has been made narrower and … [more]

[Image taken 23.11.21] Elmfield Avenue, junction with Malton Road, York. The off-road cycle lane is wider. The access to it - the grey section to the left of the carriageway in the image - has no upstand and is long. This should mean people … [more]

The COP26 fence completely obstructs the riverside path that forms part of the Kelvin Walkway, and although there is a gate and it is open, it opens onto the remaining width of the path blocking it.

[Image taken 1.11.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. Context and image of ghost sign/pavement obstruction this location from Friday: #175354 and links. Other image here today: #175443.

[UPDATE: Aldwark is open again.] [Image taken 1.11.21] Aldwark, junction with Hunt Court, York. Works for five weeks here. This means the filtered permeable junction is closed. There's no diversion signed for people on cycles. But a dropped … [more]

[UPDATE: #175443] [Image taken 29.10.21] Aldwark junction with Hunt Court, York. Ghost sign blocking a pavement ahead of a weekend. What this sign should say: #175213. Other images this issue: #175353, #175354. The image was taken to show … [more]

A van parked not in a marked parking bay, but partly blocking access to the dropped kerb and the path through Yorkhill Park.

Dropped kerb and wands added to join ahead cycle lane from shared use path at A14 junction 32.

New dropped kerb to exit A14 junction 32 roundabout if rider has taken old route onto road from crossing.

The Ferry Road dropped kerb (see #175002) did not stay clear for long. Again, materials dumped partly obstructing users of this dropped kerb.

Although the former steps connecting Milton Mains Road and Glenhead Road to the Great Western Road shared footway have been replaced by a ramp (as seen in #107326), at the other end the nearest dropped kerb (just out of the picture) assumes … [more]

Dropped kerb at this end of path from Inchfad Drive to Kendoon Avenue and Dunkenny Road.

The slab paving work at Ferry Road is now complete but the asphalt footway remains to be finished. Some graffiti has been painted over, but new graffiti has appeared. The obstruction seen in #173875 has been removed. The former cycle … [more]

The dropped kerb at the end of Ferry Road is now clear from obstructions (see #173875), but the footway surface is still incomplete.

The cycle off-slip at Finnieston Street allows cyclists to legally leave the carriageway and use the toucan crossing across Lancefield Quay to get to the National Cycle Network route 75, even when the traffic signals are on red. The similar … [more]

The one remaining cycle off-slip at the Finnieston Street/Clyde Arc junction. The one at #173654 has been blocked off with a railing.

A parking bay painted across a dropped kerb.

No progress to report on work at the North Woodside Road/Maryhill Road crossing.

[Image taken 7.10.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Many people know each other at least on 'passing the time of day' terms here. Likely because many are regulars - same time, same reason, same companion/s (dependants, dogs, cared-for people). But … [more]

[Image taken 7.10.21] Bootham Terrace, York. This is the limited sight line if you have stepped/scooted/cycled/mobility scootered/wheelchaired into the road for people crossing from the passageway that leads to Queen Anne's Road and schools … [more]

[Image taken 7.10.21] Bootham Terrace, York. This is the 'view' - the extremely limited sight line of the steep downhill, from the direction of Bootham, for people wanting to exit from the gap to the left of the railings (see: pink chalked … [more]

Image taken 4.10.21] This is the extent of the dropped kerb – 67cm. There’s very little turning space and then the width of the gap between the railings and the wall is max 97cm. Nothing at this critical crossing/access point meets even … [more]

Image taken 4.10.21] Bootham Terrace, looking towards Longfield Terrace, York. The entrance to the rail underpass towards Scarborough Bridge/the river/the rail station is between the bollard and the signpost. Road width max 384cm. In the … [more]

An improvement on #89968 at the end of Anderson Street. A dropped kerb has also been provided to access the road directly. There is a toucan crossing just off to the right as well.

A parking bay painted across a dropped kerb, and duly parked in, obstructing pedestrian access across the road. Not the first time I've seen a parking or loading bay across a dropped kerb (see also #48651).

Roadworks continue on Ferry Road. The surface on the footway is still incomplete. Updated at #175001 and #175002.

The junction where it is proposed to close NCN7 during the COP26 conference and divert users around the streets of Yorkhill, Finnieston and Anderston. The carriageway of the road is accessed via the dropped kerb before the bridge, and the … [more]

[Image taken 3.9.21] Wakefield Road, Bradford. Innovation to create a dropped kerb for cyclists. See also: #173803. Context: #173801, and links.

[Image taken 3.9.21] Usher Street/Wakefield Road, Bradford. Innovation to create a dropped kerb for cyclists on a popup cycle lane. See also: #173804. Context: #173801, and links.

Shared footway on Smith Street and ramp into car park, and access to NCN7 in the background.

The council has fenced off the former cycle off-slip from the Clyde Arc bridge at the NCN75 toucan crossing. This helped those making right turns by allowing cyclists to leave the carriageway and make the turn with the assistance of the … [more]

A little bit of filtered permeability with the recent housing development. There's a bollard and a dropped kerb.

[Update: hedge was trimmed 12.9.21] [Image taken 23.8.21] Roundabout, Haxby Road/Haley's Terrace, York. Exit from Yearsley Pool. No sightlines due to the overgrown hedge on the right. You can't join the road network to reach the roundabout … [more]

I noticed this dropped kerb at the Advance Stop Line box and investigated whether it was installed to aid cycling from St George's Road to the toucan crossing chain through the junction, but no, it was left over from a pedestrian crossing … [more]

The eastern end of the Herbertson Street cycle track suffers from a severe fly parking problem, with cars and vans parked on the footway as well as over the dropped kerb for exiting the cycle track.

Parked van blocking dropped kerb, and obstructing people cycling. No attempt to discourage parking here. Failure to reinstate cycleway markings after roadworks.

Green strip cycleway missing parts, as well as being poorly implemented and signed, and blocked by scaffolding without any warning or diversion. Dropped kerb blocked by parked van.

The pop-up cycle lane resumes, but only once the road happens to get wider. I bumped the kerb to allow the couple walking towards me to avoid walking single file. A decent permanent installation would not look like this.

The pop-up two-way cycleway, which only just began back at the Provanmill Road junction, ends, and gestures for cyclists to go onto the footway at the motorway bridge.

The end of the pop-up two-way cycle lane on Royston Road. The cycle route continues around the corner to the right.

Start of the pop-up two-way cycle lane on Royston Road.

A Nextbike hire station has been added to Shields Road at the start of the Southwest City Way.

The path from the footbridge joins Arkleston Road without further barriers.

The cycle route leaves the footway and cyclists can start cycling on the carriageway. A dropped kerb has been provided next to the one remaining railing (there used to be two).

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway crosses an unused entrance on Mossland Drive.

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway crosses to the other side of the road on the approach to the roundabout at Kelvin Avenue, then crosses back again.

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway crosses to the other side of the road on the approach to the roundabout at Kelvin Avenue, then crosses back again.

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