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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 5 kilometres of the centre of Jersey.
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Remove the loading bay here and widen cycle lane/pavement. The loading bay is not used for loading (there's always a truck parked there) and the pavement/cycleway is far too narrow, especially with signs on the pavement from the … [more]

Widen the pavement and move the cycle lane to the right (away from the building). This will allow a continuous path for pedestrians to next to the building to keep walking without crossing the cycle lane, reducing conflict

Too much priority is given to cars here. Add a bus/bike filter to Anchor Road here to make it easier to cross this bit of road. Change Canons Road from two lanes of northbound traffic to have traffic in both directions

Barriers here are impossible to ride a bike through without getting off - should be removed

Cars often park in front of the cycle/footway here, blocking access. Double yellow lines are needed

The bridge is old and has many steps. I'd love to see it replaced with an accessible step-free (ramped) bridge to allow access by bikes, wheelchairs and pushchairs

This is the location of Rodmersham Village Hall

There should be a segregated cycle path from the station to the town centre. Too many fast close passing cars on this wide road.

Cars speed along Somers Road daily at 40mph + in a built up residential area. Someone will be hit by a speeding vehicle

Speeding cars paying no attention to the 30mph limit. Enforcement needed.

Safety barrier too close together meaning you can't cycle though, need to mount the grass curb in order to get through. Change the safety barriers to allow for cyclists to get through

There should be an off road cycle path from Sloansway to Crookhams next to the B1000 to fill a gap in the cycle paths around Mundells.

There should be an off road cycle path from Crookhams to Sloansway next to the B1000 to fill a gap in the cycle paths around Mundells.

Entrance to Bridleway needs fixing as it's a rough mess, which is a shame as it's a safe route avoiding speeding cars on Waterside.

Step over horse gate is a pain for people on cycles and does not conform to the latest LTN 1/20 standards. Please replace.

Bridleway should be a very useful route from Edworth Rd to Biggleswade but is too overgrown with grass and hedges to be easy to use. An annual maintenance job would make all the difference.

Bridleway is very overgrown and has lots of low hanging branches. It would be great if this could be made easier to use as a safe route from Edworth Road to the centre of Biggleswade.

The council should consider widening the pavement over the motorway bridge to incorporate a cycle lane for families and school children cycling from Kenn village to Clevedon.

Remove the completely unnecessary chicane here. All it does is encourage people to ride over the grass and does nothing for safety as it's a hazard for tandems and cycles with trailers. It's not LTN 1/20 compliant either.

Crossing of the busway is not level so bicycles have to be carried, which is hopeless if the cycle is a tandem or child carrying box bike. A proper crossing of the busway is needed for the new Northstowe housing before there is an accident … [more]

Cycle path, such as it is, abruptly ends here and people on cycles have to share a busy road where the 30mph is not being followed. Needs a change in road layout to force cars to slow down, eg a raised table at this junction.

Prevent the rat-run from Town St to Broadway

Widen footpath on The Green just below the bus stop and enable this by removing parking bays on north side of The Green outside the museum

Traffic filter here to prevent rat-running

Widen pavement on west side and enable this through removal of parking bays on east side of Town Street

Widen pavement and enable this through removal of on-street parking bays on eastern side of Town Street

Zebra crossing needed here. Current crossing floods and has poor visibility due to trees.

Improvements need to be made to crossings on this roundabout.

There should be a zebra crossing here. This should have been done with the 20mph scheme.

Show shared cycle routes more clearly. Now subway is closed, route into town centre and Bike park just stops.

Too many coppers here stopping people doing donuts. haven't they got better things to do?

Dangerous cycling home from here after many pints in the social club. needs thought

Some really fast drivers along this stretch

30mph area - speeding traffic

30mph area - speeding traffic

The path across the bridge is quite narrow and there are many bikes that don't slow down for pedestrians. Is there some sort of calming measure that could be put in place to slow the bikes and scooters down, maybe rumble strips at … [more]

Cycle route here floods at high tide, so useless as a reliable route. Needs removing from the network and diverting north of the sewage works.

Utterly hopeless bridge over the flood barrier with a cycle channel on the outside of the handrail! Impossible to use unless you can carry your bike. Divert the route.


Literally all of Falls roads footpaths are big enough to fit a shared cycle lane onto them without forcing users onto the roads (Roads are always incredibly busy and always traffic so putting the cycle lane on the footpath only makes sense)

Literally all of Boucher footpaths are big enough to fit a shared cycle lane onto them without forcing users onto the roads (Roads are always incredibly busy and always traffic so putting the cycle lane on the footpath only makes sense)

Literally all of Andersonstown footpaths are big enough to fit a shared cycle lane onto them without forcing users onto the roads (Roads are always incredibly busy and always traffic so putting the cycle lane on the footpath only makes … [more]

Footpath is so wide here and also near a school. Would make sense to add a cycle path from Andersonstown all the way into the city centre (Andersonstown - Whiterock - Falls road near St Dominics - Falls leisure centre - Town)

The footpath is so wide, they could add a cycling path ALL the way up the andersonstown road. The path is incredibly wide and would fit both cyclists and pedestrians on it without needing to go on the road. This would encourage young … [more]

Needs a sign to tell cyclists to go slow and look left as they come down the hill past Hinckley Street. In addition needs a clearer right of way for the cyclists plus a sign to tell drivers on Hinckley Street to make way and stop before the … [more]

Need a cycleway along Monmouth Drive

A traffic filter to slow cars down which speed up the hill.

40mph speed limit needed rather than national speed limit as road is narrow and cars need to give people on cycles more space.

Signpost bridleway link under A505 as route to Bygrave, which provides a very useful link between rural routes avoiding a surface crossing of this trunk road.

Signpost bridleway link under A505 as route to Wallington, which provides a very useful link between rural routes avoiding a surface crossing of this trunk road.

Traffic island and dropped kerbs neeed to help people on cycles and pedestrians to cross the A10 to reach the byway towards Ashwell.

Cycle path on pavement needed west of the village as nothing safe for anyone heading west from here.

Narrow the road to make cars slow down. As I approached the speed warning sign two cars passed doing 45+ at the start of the 30 zone.

Sign the route via Barrington Road as the cycle path to Cambridge, to avoid a double crossing of the A10.

Sign the route to the Level Crossing gate via Barrington Road to avoid a double crossing of the A10 as I did when riding here, as not local. Crazy to put people on cycles at risk at this very busy location.

Cycle path alongside Busway just ends with no signs to direct riders to the route alongside the A1309. Just needs a few signs.

The continuous drop kerb here just results in the pavements being completely covered in cars a lot of the time

No straightforward route between NCN 29/75 at Benhill Wood Road and Sutton High St. No safe way of crossing Benhill Ave without using pedestrian crossing and pavement. Improve crossing to Nursery Road and signage; and consider protected … [more]

Redesign this intersection to slow traffic use, to allow pedestrian and cycle crossing, enabling the proposed Cycleway

The one and only pavement on this part of Mill Lane slopes at such an angle that wheelchair users, baby buggies, pedestrians who have difficulties with walking, all have to walk in the road, amid parked cars and fast traffic.

This junction is much too wide and sweeping to cross safely, and also includes no provision for crossing (no dropped kerbs or island).

Surface joining the two paths needs resurfacing, is just pure mud on the path surface now, not disability friendly

No drop kerb for cyclists or pedestrians when meeting the end of the shared use path, shallower kerb around corner but puts you requiring a 180° turn on a blind corner to match carriageway direction

Pedestrian crossing needed here for safe access to Co-op shop and bus stop.

Make a shared cycle path from station junction to keep cyclists off of the busy narrow single lane then further up the path have a safe exit from the path onto the road where there are two lanes maybe put in a cycle lane up to the traffic … [more]

Repaint the cycle lane white lines to help keep motor vehicles out of the lane to enable cyclists to safely use the lane.

More signage required at both ends of the path and along it to inform & keep pedestrians off of the cycle path

There is no cycle lane along this section of road, yet it connects two heavily used cycle routes (Newark Rd to the Tritton Road junction). The road surface is incredibly poor at the edges with raised ironworks and degradation. Cycling along … [more]

All of the junctions along A27 are bad, but this one is really bad. You have to check 3 different directions and drivers do not care about people trying to cross the road. Also no safe cycle route on a dual carriageway

The shared path stops here?! It's a 40mph dual carriageway with narrow pavements. Too dangerous.

This is so dangerous! In theory Old Street is a lovely low traffic route but... how do you get there safely? The shared path on Titchfield Road ends abruptly at Daedalus Way junction and it is a 40mph road. This junction near Ranvilles Lane … [more]

Busy road outside children's hospital leading to high levels of air pollution - Road should be changed to limit traffic

Busy Road outside a hospital but no cycle lane

Add a cycle path

Add a cycle path

Add a cycle path here

Add a cycle path here

Fast single lane, no paths and lots of walkers, restriction of traffic needed

Bollards required to stop cars driving on the pavement when the lane is flooded.

Toucan crossing required across the A325 dual carriage way

So people can ride from Teynham to Faversham

Cycle Parking would be great for families wishing to ride to school. Could be in the village hall car park as there's more space.

Very busy junction during school drop off and pick up times. Lots of pedestrians which should have right of way crossing this junction but drivers do not relent. More education of the highway code and signage required.

The school entrance is very dangerous with cars swinging into Belle Friday Close at speed. Need them to slow down and give families priority crossing

Lower Road is a fast road used by Cyclists, and there have been many accidents involving cyclists. Needs a priority space for them/better lighting/slow down traffic etc.

Cycleway required to access the retail park, at the moment from the station you cannot safely travel by bike to the north side of town. Cycleways do not link up making travelling anywhere safely very difficult by bike.

Congestion here is dreadful. Another entrance or exit or encourage other means of travel.

Always congestion here and drivers do not abide by the yellow hatching making it unsafe for pedestrians to cross, even when the lights denote this.

Lights for safe pedestrian crossing needed here

Unsafe for pedestrians to cross in any direction at these very busy crossroads. Lights are required for pedestrian crossing.

Cars parked either on, or partly on, the pavements. This narrows the road and leaves it difficult for pedestrians to pass on the pavement, especially with buggies. Cars are taking over the paths!

Cars do not give away to pedestrians on the crossing. It's a very fast and dangerous road to cross and there are several schools in the vicinity.

Toucan crossing needed here

20mph along Farnborough Road. Since the HGV ban on upper ale Road, far more come down too fast, and children at all the schools are at risk.

Allow contraflow shared used cycling on the footway across the bridge so NCN6 users do not have to cross the main road twice.

Busy narrow road needs traffic calming to slow cars down to help people on cycles get safely to the station.

Speeding cars ignore the smiley face signs. Needs proper speed cameras on this road.

Make the pavement along this road into shared use as the road is very busy with cars going to the retail park.

Busway which is also a cycle route simply ends here on a busy road with no safe continuation. Off road route to the Parkway station needed as a minimum.

Toucan crossing here should be the official cycle route, not the route currently signed.

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