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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 5 kilometres of the centre of Jersey.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

Bus stop on the shared footway from Inchinnan to Renfrew.

More incorrect corduroy 'hazard' tactile paving on the A8 cycleway at Inchinnan. This should be of the 'cycleway' type in the foreground, and of the red pedestrian crossing type (in the correct formation) at the toucan crossing (which is … [more]

Cycle parking stands at Inchinnan, alongside a car parking layby just out of shot to the right. No need to park cars in bus stop laybys.

The cycleway transfers to the traffic island in order to avoid conflict at the bus garage entrance.

The shared footway continues alongside the A8, away from the Red Smiddy Roundabout.

A shared footway along Barrangary Road in Dargavel, at the Sainsbury's supermarket. A raised kerb appears to have been installed for a bus stop, but the buses would stop in the zig-zag zone of the adjacent zebra crossing.

Leeds to Bradford cycle superhighway CS1, Stanningley Road, Leeds A647

Ramped bus stop boarder on the 2-way Greenock town centre to Battery Park cycleway. Seem slightly narrower than those on Glasgow's Spaces for People routes (like #171564).

The first sign to say this footway is shared use is hidden by a tree. No invitation to leave the carriageway to join it, and the nearest dropped kerb is back at the previous junction. The shared footway is not particularly wide, and … [more]

Chesterton Road, Cambridge

Chesterton Road, Cambridge Footway Bus stop Cycle lane Ahead only lane Right turn lane Footway cycleway

Inns Court Avenue, Bristol

The path from the bridge ends at a bus stop on Kennishead Road. There is no dropped kerb to get onto the road, and the footway ends shortly after the bus stop.

The arrangement of the bus shelter across the path end does not make for the neatest possible layout.

A pothole around a gully in Cleeves Quadrant, and the path to Priesthill & Darnley station diverging from the road at the bus stop, where there is no dropped kerb.

Butterfly Junction, Cumberland Basin, Bristol

A connection from the South City Way cycleway over to the site to the east, replacing the lane seen in #93385.

The Albert Drive cycle lane has an incorrectly placed cycle symbol.

The door-zone cycle lane revert to a kerb-side cycle lane, but the parking continues.

Speed cushions, Water Eaton, Bletchley.

Cycle marking without a cycle lane. Sunnydale Road, Hinckley.

Tottenham Court Road

Oxford Road, Manchester

“Climate Emergency Service” 😕

Bus stop bypass

[Update: On 12.4.23 CYC wrote: Thank you for your Road and Pavement problems report. The current status of your report is: Unresolved. We’re currently coordinating resources so we can schedule the necessary works; in the meantime we thank … [more]

Stamford Street, Waterloo, London

Westminster Bridge Road

Already indiscriminate parking is occurring on the roads next to the Sighthill Community Campus car park, blocking the crossing points for pedestrians on Sighthill Avenue.

Report from: A cyclist has been serious injured after being involved in a collision with a car in Cambridge. It happened at about … [more]

[Image taken 20.2.23] Wigginton Road (east side, looking north), York. Looking towards the start of the shared use path at the junction with what I call the Wigginton Road link (see: #191294). Is this bus stop really in use? Note the … [more]

Potholes in Sauchiehall Street.

[Image taken 25.1.23] Outside 150 Burton Stone Lane, York. This looks like new tarmac. It seems to be already failing. The carriageways on this street are narrow, driving speeds much higher than the 20mph limit and people in cycles have to … [more]

A delivery van parked on the recently rebuilt footway, and two more vans parked further along. This is what happens when the roadway is designed without any provision for loading bays.

Was I imagining that this road got resurfaced last year?

The end of the Sighthill Avenue cycleway approaching Springburn Road. Don't be tempted to go through the archway, since there is a step on the other side!

Filwood Greenway, Wedmore Vale, Windmill Hill, Bristol

Bus campaign by a bus stop on Cheltenham Road, Bristol

[Image taken 27.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Moved bus stop has unsightly temporary barricading which it not doing its job but is creating a substantial trip hazard for people waiting/alighting. Overview of the measures intended to calm … [more]

The narrow advisory cycle lanes on Highburgh Road are almost invisible. The taxi is parked on a bus stop clearway.

Work continues on the Gorbals Street cycleway, which will form part of the South City Way. A floating parking bay and bus stop can be seen here.

Painted cycle lane on resurfaced Main Street, Milngavie. No improvements to road layout. The cycle lane is noticably narrower after the bus stop.

Painted cycle lane on resurfaced Main Street, Milngavie. No improvements to road layout.

Flooded - due to blocked drain on the cycleway at this bus stop bypass.

The path to the A8/M8 footbridge at Viewfield Road.

A parallel zebra crossing, and start of the West Mains Road cycleway. The bollard on the right is directing cyclists up a flight of steps!

Does the council expect cyclists to arrive at the cycle lane by bus? See also #183417.

The entrance to the new Cornwall Street cycle lane is blocked by planters. See also #183418.

My latest @InTandemTshirts blog post is a review of the new (red!!!) cycle tracks on Liverpool Street, Salford which I think are pretty good! I'd love to hear people's views on it, particularly if you've ridden it! … [more]

A new path has been built towards Kinfauns Drive, and has Drumchapel Way branded marker posts on either side, but there are no dropped kerbs or any other form of crossing on the road at this point. The original route of the Drumchapel Way … [more]

Looking the opposite way from #180493, the Drumchapel Way path awaits rebuilding on the east side of Kinfauns Drive, but a new path has been build on the west side, ending at a Drumchapel Way marker post next to the bus shelter, but with no … [more]

Cycleway near Leicester station.

I’ve been less critical of others when it comes to compromises in Kingston’s cycle network, but this is unforgivably bad. Completely unacceptable design.

Fullers Slade, Milton Keynes

Mandeville Place Totally unnecessary cycle lane kink avoiding non-existent bus stop

Link to video in which a bus cuts in front of cyclist Jeremy Vine as it comes to a stop:

Just witnessed this earlier - the poor cyclist was sent flying by car door opening @ealingMPS

A bus stop bypass in construction on Liverpool Street. A good deal of the carriageway has been reclaimed for active travel here. Ed. Simon adds: video of this route: … [more]

Construction of a new cycleway includes a bus stop bypass.

I find it strange that, of all the bus stops around the city of Glasgow, the two sites chosen for the green-roof bus shelters are both at locations that are no longer served by bus services due to the adjacent Fastlink busway. See also … [more]

A green-roofed bus shelter replacing another shelter at a bus stop that is no longer used by any bus services due to the Fastlink busway. See also #174947.

Shared use pavement goes through a bus shelter. (A "High quality cycle route" according to Warrington Council.) I thought they were not supposed to install this sort of rubbish any more. Not only that, but the dangerous half-width cycle … [more]

Large gaps in protection on the eastbound cycle lane in Brockburn Road, and parking bays with pavement parking.

There are some tightly spaced cycle parking stands next to the entrance door, in addition to those in #173563, and some bikes were visible inside the doorway. Despite there being parking spaces on the opposite side of the road, this driver … [more]

Coventry Road footway shared use path.

It's been a good morning @DevonCC ! Thank you for giving the bus shelter a diet on the Topsham Road so people walking, cycling and alighting from the bus can all see each other safely. It's taken a while to do this (5yrs?)... but this is … [more]

That drainage isn't going to be much use! See also #173125.

The Wallacewell Road cycle lane at a bus stop where the bollard has been knocked over, and the drainage pipe is hanging in the air above the gutter. See also #173126.

No dropped kerb for getting onto signed cycle path at Woodhill Road.

[Image taken 20.7.21] Station Avenue, York. View from the cycle contraflow from Leeman Road. If there is a bus at the stop the sightlines are hugely reduced - for the cyclist and any road user approaching. Other images today: #172321 and … [more]

The pop-up two-way cycle lane on Royston Road approaching the Broomfield Road junction. Note that the cycle traffic signals are green at the same time as traffic is exiting Broomfield Road. The cycle lights were green during both general … [more]

More debris collecting around the bus stop boarder, but correct cycleway tactiles, on Royston Road.

The build up of mud around the bus boarder after flooding, such as seen in #169649.

A faded cycle lane on Broomfield Road, at a pinch-point. It also leads into a chain of potholes at the bus stop.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, at a bus stop boarder. Again, mud has accumulated at the bottom of the ramp, due to water running down the hill.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, with a bus stop boarder. Again, the ramps are sharp and slowing down is good advice. The tactiles are of the correct type.

Another view of the mixed up bus stop/parking layby/cycle lane in Hawthorn Street, also seen in #170211.

Approaching the bus-gate roundabout bypass on Paisley Road West.

Is it a cycle lane?

Commerce Street, with bus lane ahead.

A rather poor combination of cycle lane, bus stop and parking layby on Hawthorn Street. See also #171175.

A ramp has been provided behind the bus stop, in addition to steps, to connect from Thornliebank Road up to Cartcraigs Road. (This does not form part of the cycle route, but could be used for connections to and from it.)

The temporary pop-up cycle lane in Dumbreck Road.

Bus stop bypass. A nice feature.

A drainage problem at a bus boarder in the now protected Provanmill Road cycle lane, seen during a shower. An aftermath of such flooding is seen in #171650.

Although armadillos have been provided on one side of this section of Provanmill Road, this side has been left much as before, with the cycle lane outside of the parking layby and now with a narrow buffer zone.

The start of the protected section of cycle lane on Cumbernauld Road. However, the motorists have decided to park in the bus layby instead.

The protected cycle lane scheme took no account of the bus terminus, so buses wait time in the cycle lane before turning at the roundabout to pick up their next service.

The 'End of Route' sign is still up, even though the Wallacewell Road cycle lanes were extended to the end of the road some time ago. The cycle lanes recommence right after the roundabout.

this is exactly the opposite of how you’re supposed to build it!

One of a number of bus boarders that have been provided in the city centre, to allow more space for people waiting for buses. In most cases the footway is too narrow to accommodate both people walking and waiting, but not so much here. This … [more]

The pop-up bus lane on Braidcraft Road ends here, on the approach to the Peat Road roundabout. The roundabout remains a major obstacle to cycling. For some journeys, the roads around the sides of the roundabout may provide an alternative, … [more]

Corkerhill Road, with a cycle lane for northbound cyclists, and a toucan crossing for those going via Pollok Park (following NCN7 and NCN75). Protection of the cycle lane by means of armadillos starts after the bus stop.

Signage for NCN7 and NCN75 at the junction of Linthaugh Terrace and Linthaugh Road. The 'No Through Road' signs (backs to camera) don't exempt cycling.

The pop-up cycle lane on Braidcraft Road ends just short of the roundabout at Corkerhill Road. NCN7 and NCN75 join from the left after the roundabout but no connection has been made.

A pop-up protected cycle lane being finished off on Braidcraft Road, on what is a very high capacity road for such a low car ownership area.

The layout of Lyoncross Road, where the inside lane of this residential road is hatched out on one side of the dual carriageway, and used for residential parking on the other.

Excess road capacity on Lyoncross Road is simply hatched out, rather than creating a two-way cycle track (leaving the opposite side for residential parking).

The end of the Brockburn Road pop-up cycle lane, approaching the Linthaugh Road junction.

A bus boarder under construction on the Brockburn Road pop-up cycle lane project.

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