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Crossing Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry from the hospital. This is an oddity, it seems to be part of a signal controlled junction but there's no button to press here nor any sign of bike detection equipment.

Crossing Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry from the hospital.

Bizarre markings on the busway as the whole thing is useable for cycling.

Bizarre markings on the busway as the whole thing is useable for cycling.

Wonder what the thinking was here: Brand new cycle route: zebra crossing, pedestrian priority. Great. Road: screw you, pedestrians! Have this painted island and take your chances! Cars rule! @TheWarOnCars @RantyHighwayman … [more]

Holy moly the cycle roundabout is nearly complete Compled view see: Going round and round see: … [more]

Hmm, which way to go?

PSPO ZONE NO ANTISOCIAL DRIVING PSPO: Public Spaces Protection Order The link: goes to: … [more]

The old sign in #48310 which had faded out has been replaced, but the new one still does not explain who to phone or what needs permission to cross. The road forms an access to the Forth & Clyde Canal for the general public, so is not … [more]

Answers on a postcard.

Union Street, Park Slope

Bolton Council seem to have run out of stripy paint and lit poles for this.....whatever it is.

The dropped kerbs either side of the road closure on Morven Street don't align. I noticed this too late and came straight off of the high kerb. See #152275.

This looked like a good cycle exemption from a road closure, but the dropped kerbs on each side of the strip don't align. See #152276.

CS7 Balham High Road this am. ⁦@TfL⁩ ⁦@MikeyCycling⁩

Wheel channel unusable, blocked by handrail

Bizarre signage where a railing has been removed.

@helenpidd This one is pretty special - near Middlesbrough’s football ground

The road markings on part of Alderman Road have been renewed, including a buffer strip between the parking bays and the cycle lane, but there's really no point in painting it less than the width of a car away from the kerb.

Reality Checkpoint now with door.

UPDATE JUNE 2023 A reinstated chicane but opposite handed. To even out the surface wear? This encourages cyclists to take the inside bend with reduced sight lines and a much … [more]

Sale Trafford route along Sinderland brook. The A frame is too narrow. After much argument the gate on the left is now left open giving access to the park - no noticeable increase in motorbike nuisamce

Sale Trafford route across Sinderland brook . The A frame has been widened unofficially which make it slightly better but still an issue especially the poor surface at the site of the access.

Sale Trafford route across Sinderland brook

A new cycle route on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park. A bus stop impasse? It appears the intent is that cyclists using this cycle lane should use the dropped kerb to join the footway and go around the back of … [more]

A new cycle route on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park. The view from the rear of the bus shelter in #99493.

A new cycle route on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park. Quite why a proper bus stop bypass wasn't installed here I don't know. The bus shelter should be moved closer to the boarder and the segregated cycle … [more]

What the what? (Simon's note: This is the first time I found the location via Mapillary rather … [more]

Fitchburg bicycle parking census Properly installed artistic rack

Extra-ordinarily over the top blockage. "This motley collection of street infrastructure has everything, with the possible exception of landmines." The photo in the tweet seems very … [more]

Is this telling cyclists to take the lane? Or is it marking where the traffic-light sensors are buried?

Strange Cycle Lane markings on NCN 6 in Sheffield.

The turning circle at the end of Water Street has a cycle lane painted around it! The access to the riverside path (in #87599) can be seen (centre). The Sainsbury car park also exits onto the turning circle (at right).

@bollocksinfra Hardest Strava segment in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Bizarre cycle lane merges onto the wrong side of the road and then ends abruptly at a give way marking.

@citycyclists @AlternativeDfT That's nothing:check out this beauty in Hackney.

Narrow cycle lane leeds to a dead end with a right angle swerve across the path of traffic. This is the Bradford end of the Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway.

Sign telling drivers and cyclists to merge in turn

Bollard right in the middle of a narrow cycle path.

National cycle network (no really it is).

Another of those lunatic locations where cyclists are expected to switch to right-hand riding to proceed in a straight line.

Beechcroft Road I find it very weird to have the hatching like this along the middle of the road.

Cycle Lane Omagh @WeatherCee @barrabest @angie_weather

Bizarre routing of cyclists on Long Millgate between tramway crossing and link road to Corporation Street. The second cycle route sign appears to be sending cyclists up a one-way street the wrong way! This could have been designed far … [more]

Cycle track meets tree.

Swerving new cycle lane @IslingtonBC contradicts @TfL safe cycling guide @IslingtonCycle @london_cycling @PGSMurray


Found this bizarre layout in #worcester . No reason not to make road 2 way cycling @RantyHighwayman @AsEasyAsRiding From this tweet: See also 04smallmj 's suggestion: … [more]

A tree is parked amid the car storage on the new Kaleidoscope development.

It's a busy junction. Pressing the pedestrian call button does absolutely nothing except light word "WAIT". There are many light sequences and it takes a while to go through them all. Presumably there has been an accident or two. What's the … [more]

This extraordinary bilingual road sign attempts to explain to motorists how to merge lanes! Traffig yn ymuno Traffic merging

This road layout was completed from a blank canvas (the whole of the Oatlands housing scheme east of this point was demolished) and yet the road planners still didn't leave enough space for their planned "cycle facility" past one of the few … [more]

Shared-use route on very narrow footway - absurd token provision for NCN route 4, cyclists are much better off staying on the road here.

What on earth were they thinking when they painted this?

Pointless short stretch of shared-use by the Wrexham Western Gateway Road (the footway ends abruptly behind the camera)

@claudioriccio ci mostra come ancora si realizzano le ciclabili in Italia #poverinoi Location is somewhere in Pisa suggests: Reminiscent of Harlow #11500

Its hard to believe that the cycle bypass that weaves onto the verge area of the footway and between a lamp-post and telegraph pole was ever a practical idea worth pursuing. I'd like to think that after about 18 years of campaigning for … [more]

Stretford near Victoria Park and St Anns primary schools - Crazy cycle lane with legal car parking on approach

The dreaded barriers on the Morrisons Cycle Path. On Morrisons land and they insist they stay put for cyclists' safety - try getting a trailer round them or even a bike for that matter! Photo of someone trying to do exactly that: #58634.

Entrance to and exit from shared-use footway along Ardencraig Road opposite Ardencraig Crescent junction

but if they dismount, how will they get past?

We're used to short, isolated and useless sections of cycle lane - here's a similar piece of road (ok, it can be entered across the traffic-calming at the far end, but it makes a point).

Strange combination of cycle lane, bus stop and pedestrian crossing. When a bus stops here, it is at a dropped kerb for someone's driveway and stopped over the pedestrian crossing, and there's no Bus Stop markings on the carriageway to … [more]

Strange combination of bus stop and advance stop line, in need of a repaint

High kerb with tactiles at road crossing on cycle route through Silverburn Shopping Centre car park. Unbelievable!

Experimental cycle parking inside Charing Cross Multistorey Car Park. The bars are hinged and the bracket on the end attaches to the handlebars either side of the stem, then secured with your own long shank padlock. Never known to be used. … [more]

Utterly pointless barriers - anyone on a motorbike will just ride around them.

Cycle parking outside the Post Office on Mersea Road.

The cycle route to Newmarket from here is a quiet 15 miles one way, or 6 miles on busy roads the other way.

Seven CYCLISTS DISMOUNT signs within a distance of 380 yards, here in Harlow. Photograph by David Owen, republished with permission, originally published at on their Facility of the Month series, September … [more]

The advance stop line (ASL) is mistakenly coloured in beyond the white line.

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